4 Ways to keep your Kids Safe Online

Excessive usage of mobile phone coupled with digital advancement is why the smartphone is a potential threat to the security of a child. An app with features like call blocker and app install blocker are perfect to help keep kids safe online.

A kid is vulnerable due to cyber-crimes and content exposure. This can be identity theft, viewing adult material or even violent games. There is also the danger of kids using the phone at any time of the day and for as long as they please. A parental control app to monitor the kid’s activity and track the location can help.

The dangers of a kid with a smartphone

It is common for parents to be concerned about the safety of their kids using smartphones. To be able to deal with the potential risks it is necessary to first understand how the kids are vulnerable and the various methods to manage the threat. One of the methods being a parent app to control the mobile.

Ways to keep your Kids

Some of the common dangers include:

  • Cyberbullying.

  • Offensive content.

  • Pornography online.

  • Trolling.

  • Random contacts.

  • Cybercrime.

  • Chatting without supervision.

Tips to keep kids safe online

An app with parental control features is an effective solution to resolve the worry of a child spending time online.

Here is why this is effective:

  • Limiting time:

Children spend far too much time online using their smartphones;  to avoid this use an app that limits mobile time for kids.

  • Monitor calls and SMS:

An app to block all calls except those from known contacts and monitor calls & SMS protect the kids from strangers trying to contact them.

  • Schedule usage time:

The app for parental control allows the parent to schedule mobile usage and enforce bedtime when no mobile usage is permitted. It can also enforce game-time to prevent the child from playing games all day.

  • Block Apps:

To restrict a child’s exposure to unwanted content, one can block apps. Blocking app installation denies the child the right to install any new app as well thus providing better security.  

Bit Guardian Parental Control app keeps your kids safe

The main aim is to keep the kids safe and the parents stress-free. With features likes this it becomes easier:  

  • Track with GPS:

You can track the location of the child using a GPS tracker and keep tabs on your child.

  • Block App:

Block access to objectionable apps helps restrict exposure to unwanted content. This can be violent games, porn content, etc.

  • View messages & call log:

Viewing the SMS messages and call logs offers a good security cover for your young child using a smartphone.

  • Block App installation:

Denying the child permission to install apps ensures they cannot misuse the smartphone and also be safe.

  • Anti-theft:

If the phone is lost or stolen the excellent anti-theft feature will help you retrieve it.

  • Restrict access level:

The child is not permitted to perform a factory reset on their phone and remove any parental app.

  • Handle child phone requests:

The child can request to change of screen time or unblocking of apps as well.  

  • Panic mode:

It allows the child to send an emergency signal to the parent and any other contact set.

  • Schedule:

Schedule the mobile phone access to prevent the child from using the phone at all hours.

  • Kiosk mode:

To be able to take control over the child’s phone and block apps you need to enable the kiosk mode. This is more popular with younger kids.

  • Geofence:

A Geofence extends the GPS feature to create a virtual boundary and alert the parent device if the kid crosses the boundary.

  • Speed Limiter:

The app can monitor the speed of the child too and get notifications if the kid is traveling over the speed limit.

This is one of the best parental control app for Android. The process of installing the app is straightforward and involves installing the app on both the parent and child device. The app aims to keep your kids safe and with features like App install Blockerthat is made possible.  

Bit Guardian Parental Control app.jpg


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