What is the Online Shaming: What Can Parents Do?

The digital age has caught many people off guard as they are unaware of the dangers of kids using mobile devices. Children are vulnerable to online shaming, cyber-bullying, trolling, cyber-crime, offensive content, etc. Hence parents require a trustworthy mobile parental control App to keep their kids safe and Monitor How Teens Use Social Media With Best Parental control app.

What is Online Shaming?

Online Shaming

Kids often face a problem of being humiliated in public that can adversely affect a child. This has continued into the digital world as well, where cyberbullies are actively involved in online shaming.

Teenagers are more vulnerable and hence tend to get targeted. Online shaming reaches the masses and spreads rapidly and does affect a child in a bad way.

This can affect a child in many ways as listed here:

  • Cause depression or remain sad.
  • Suicidal tendency.
  • The kid may prefer to stay at home.
  • Remain aloof from others.

Tips to prevent online shaming

A child will not always inform a parent if they are being bullied online, which makes it even more essential to monitor them.

There are many ways to monitor a child however, when it comes to a smartphone the options are limited. A trustworthy mobile parental App is the best solution to a general problem of shaming online.

Here are several tips to prevent online shaming:

  • Educate kids on perils of the online world:

Inform your child regarding dangers in the digital world. This includes identity theft, trolling, spam, cyber-bullying, etc. Teach a child to analyze any information they share online and potential consequences of doing so.

  • Regular chats:

Have regular talks with a child on online dangers and how to avoid getting into trouble.

  • Create family rules for social media:

Place restrictions on a child and set certain rules for usage of social media Apps. A parental App helps parents monitor a child and prevent a child from using social media Apps all together and guide to children The hazard for Children on Social Media

  • Restrict smartphone usage:

A smartphone is handy and children use it everywhere even without the knowledge of a parent. Hence, parents can make use of parental Apps to limit usage of a smartphone and even restrict the amount of time they can spend on each App.

How Bit Guardian Parental App to prevent online shaming

Here is a list of features:

  • Schedule phone usage:

Bit Guardian allows parents to restrict the amount of time a child spends on a smartphone. It can limit the time for individual Apps as well. It is also possible to schedule mobile phone usage and take advantage of several preset modes like game-time, bedtime, etc.  Bedtime once activated will not allow a child to use any Apps on a smartphone. Similarly, if game-time mode is activated it will allow the kid to play games only during that time.

  • Block Apps:

‘Block Apps’ feature brings peace of mind to patents by allowing them to block any App installed on a child device. With this feature parents can view the list of Apps installed and block certain apps.

  • View calls and messages:

Monitor all calls and messages on a child device by accessing log maintained by this trustworthy parental control App for your mobile. Parents can also block any contact they seem fit.

  • Panic alert:

A child can activate ‘SOS mode’ on their device to send an alert message to a parent device. It can also send a message to other contacts as per the settings.

  • Lost or stolen device:

In a case where a child’s device is stolen or lost, parents can simply use the GPS feature to locate a device instantly. Parent device can also ring the child device.

  • Geofence:

Parents can receive an alert if their child crosses the physical boundary set for them. This is done by configuring Geofence feature with the central location and radius to create a virtual fence that maps the physical boundary.

  • Block App install:

Kids are not allowed to install any new Apps on their device once the ‘Block App Install’ feature is activated.

  • Tracking children:

Parents can track their child using GPS to instantly detect their location using this trustworthy parental control App for mobile.

  • Speed Limiter:

Parents can use GPS feature to get notifications if their child is traveling over the speed limit.

Bit Guardian App is one of the most trustworthy mobile parental control App to keep children safe while they are using a mobile device.

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