Know What Your Child Has Access to Online?

Parenting is tough to start with, but it gets tougher when you introduce your child to technology. There are many ways to protect your kids from perils of using a smartphone online; however, the best method is to install a parental control App and knows What is Positive Parenting.

New advances in technology are quite frequent, and kids are quick learners. Thus, it is vital that parents stay updated with current trends in technology. Kids are at risk from a smartphone in many ways. Talking with other parents on this subject can help keep them away from illegal content for kids and protect against cyberbullying.

Dangers of being unaware of child’s activities online

The Internet is not a safe place hence you must be aware of many ways to protect your kids. Parents must be mindful of what is illegal content for kids and help them navigate around it. Technology does solve many problems but brings a new set of challenges too.

Here is a list of risks when a child is online:

  • Losing control over kids:

Parents may have installed educational Apps on a kid’s device; however, a child might play games instead. Kids are vulnerable to cyberbullying when this happens.

  • Fear of missing out:

Parents are often unaware of a child’s activities on a smartphone. Children often have a fear of missing out and expose themselves to several dangers like explicit content, identity theft, cyber-crime, etc.

  • Feeling Anxious:

A smartphone can be used anywhere and at any time. Hence kids with no parental control App are anxiously checking their mobile at all times. This is not good for a child and parents must limit their screen time and solve this issue.

Bit Guardian Parental App – Protects against cyberbullying

This is a feature-rich parental control App to keep kids safe from perils of using a smartphone. It helps parents track their kid’s whereabouts and activity.

Here is a list of features:

  • Schedule phone usage:

Bit Guardian allows parents to schedule and limit usage of a smartphone. Limit the amount of time a child spends on a device and schedule App usage. Bedtime and game-time are two popular pre-set modes for parents to use. Game-time does not allow a child to use any game App unless when set using this feature, Bedtime is similar, as in it does not allow a child to use any Apps at bedtime.

  • Block Apps:

Parents can block any illegal content for kids by merely using the block Apps feature. This will block any App as per parent selection.  

  • View all calls and messages:

Tracking all calls and messages is an excellent way to protect your kids. This is a log that a parent can view and block any contact if required.

  • SOS mode:

A child can activate the SOS button on an App and send a panic message to parents. The App can send the message to any other contacts as per settings.

  • Theft of device:

If you lose the device or it is stolen parents can track a child’s device using a GPS locator. Parents can also ring a child device.

  • Geofence:

Geofence is used to set central location and radius as per physical boundary set for a child. If a child crosses the physical boundary parents will receive an alert message.

  • Block App Install

Block child ability to install any new Apps on their device by activating ‘block App install’ feature.’

Bit Guardian is the best way to protect your kids against all online threats many of which are not known to us.

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