How Social Media Affects Teenagers life

A trustworthy parental control App is everything that parents need to protect their children from perils of social media. Kids using smartphones are highly vulnerable to several types of threats including cybercrime, exposure to explicit content, cyberbullying, etc.

There have been several studies conducted online which suggest that a very high percentage of teenagers now use mobile devices. The most popular App with teenagers is social, dating and games Apps.

This article goes on to describe the teenagers using social media and how a parental App can help limit your child’s Mobile use.

Why kids are attracted to social media

Why kids are attracted to social media

Kids love social Apps, and there is a good reason why:

  • Being active here gives a teenager a sense of belonging.
  • Kids can pursue their interests by following posts of their interest.
  • Social media is an easy method for kids to participate in a cause they believe.
  • Develop and maintain relations with friends & family.
  • Receive support from friends for activities they like to pursue.

Why Teenagers spending too much time on social media is risky?

Why Teenagers spending too much time on social media is risky

Teens online can become victims of spam and other cyber crimes like identity theft; hence it is necessary to monitor children’s internet usage.

Here are some common risks:

  • Children are at risk from exposure to pornography adverts or messages.
  • Social media websites are open for all even those with bad intentions. Hence, if children are not careful, they can easily fall prey to strangers.
  • Teenagers post on such sites without considering who will view it. Their post may be viewed by parents, universities and even future employers.
  • Cyberbullying is a common problem online; however, it is a bigger issue on social websites or Apps.
  • Children often regret having posted photos.
  • At times the content and photos can become the reason for online shaming.
  • Posts online can turn into bad feuds among friends.


Bit Guardian – A Trustworthy Parental Control App

This is a feature rich App that can place a limit your child’s Internet use and also block App for a specific period of time.

Here are the main features:

  • Schedule phone usage:

Schedule a child’s mobile to limit a child’s internet use. Parents can take advantage of pre-set modes like bedtime mode which will not allow the child to use any App or game-time mode which enables a child to play games only when parents allow.  

There are several other modes parents take advantage of to limit the time a child spends on each App.

  • Block Apps:

A parent can block App for a specific period of time if it contains explicit content.

  • View all calls and messages:

The log of all calls and messages is available for parents to check. They can also block any contact they please for the safety of their children.

  • SOS mode:

Parents instantly receive a panic alert once the child presses the SOS button on the App. Any other contacts set in the device will also receive the same message.

  • Theft of device:

Locate a device that is gone missing or stolen instantly with the help of a GPS location tracker. Parent device can also ring child device if need be.

  • Geofence:

Map the physical boundary restriction of a child in a virtual map using a central location and radius. Parents will receive an alert when kids try to cross the boundary.

  • Block App Install

Children are quick learners and tend to explore new Apps all the time. This trustworthy parental App has you covered since it will not allow a child to install any new Apps when it is active.

Bit Guardian App is very effective at keeping children’s internet usage under control. It gives parents complete control over a child device.

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