Common Threats Children Face Online

Parents already find it hard to keep children safe. Due to digital advancement children have started using smartphones at a very young age. Thus, parents need to control Internet use of children.

Children are more vulnerable due to excessive usage, cyber-crimes, and content exposure and even violent games. Parents can make use of a parental control App to keep tabs on a child’s activity and block social sites and Apps.

The article explains the common threats to children using smartphones online and how a parental App is the best solution.

Common threats for kids with a smartphone online

Parents need to understand how the kids are a risk of using smartphones online to implement appropriate measures. The Internet is not a safe place, and parents need to set downtime for mobiles and even guide children about the dangers.

Common Threats Children Face Online

Some of the common dangers include:

  •         Smartphones can cause strain to their eyes due to over usage.
  •         It can also cause near-sightedness since excessive usage means the kids are spending lesser time playing in the sun.
  •         Cyberbullying is a big threat, often done via SMS, Apps, online games, Social Media, etc.
  •         Any pornographic content children get their hands on, is hard to trace.
  •        Depression in kids for getting trolled on Social Media, etc.
  •         Children are also vulnerable to cyber crimes like Identity theft.
  •         Many other issues are noticed in kids spending too much time online like, fear of missing out, being anxious, chatting to strangers unsupervised.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App

This is one of the best parental Apps around that can come in handy when parents need a call and SMS blocker. Bit Guardian is much more than just that it can also block Social sites and Apps.

Here are the features:

  • Track with GPS:

A child’s location can be tracked with the help of the location tracker to provide parents with the location instantly.

  • Block App:

Control internet use by blocking Social sites and Apps. It is possible to block Apps using this feature.

  • Call and SMS blocker:

Viewing call & SMS messages log to provide an excellent security cover for young children.

  • Block App installation:

Children can be disallowed to install any more Apps on the smartphone by activating this feature.

  • Anti-theft:

A parent can ring the child device if it is lost or stolen. There is also the option of using GPS to locate the device.

  • Restrict access level:

A child can activate the factory reset or uninstall any App on their device.

  • Handle child phone requests:

Child device has the ability to request a change of schedule and unblocking of Apps. Once parents receive this request, they can either approve or reject it.

  • Panic mode:

Children can activate the SOS button in an emergency to send a panic alert to parents and any other contact as per setting.

  • Schedule:

Stop the child from using a phone at all hours by limiting the time spent on each App as well as scheduling the usage of Apps. This Parental control App has several modes already set for parents to use. Bedtime and game-time are two popular modes.

Bedtime will not allow a child to use any Apps at bedtime and Game-time mode will allow children to play games only when parents grant permission.

  • Kiosk mode:

Parents control the child device remotely using this kiosk mode and block any Apps they please on child device.

  • Geofence:        

Geofence also makes use of GPS feature to alert the parents if a child crosses the boundary restrictions. Set the central location and radius for this purpose.

  • Speed Limiter:

Parents can configure this feature to receive an instant alert about over speeding of a child in a vehicle. This too makes use of GPS.

Bit Guardian allows parents to control Internet use of children. Parents can schedule downtime for mobiles of their children using this App.

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