What is Kiosk Mode and How does it is Work?

Parental Control App for Kiosk mode

How we all wish we could have complete access to our kids’ smartphone. Learn all their phone activities and call attendance.

Well, we do know this wish may sound unfair, but considering the unreasonable rate of cyber crime and growing explicit content, every parent should be able to watch over their kids’ phone. But, how?

The market is overflowing with excellent apps; however, getting remote access to kid’s phone is not a joke.

Bit Guardian Parental Control app has been successful in making the impossible possible by introducing kiosk mode.

How can I remotely control my kid’s device?

The kiosk mode is an advanced parental control that enables complete access to the kid’s phone.

This is the opportunity for parents to control everything on the kid’s phone. Most importantly, your kid is no longer the decision maker of what is wrong and what is right!

The kiosk mode can be accessed by simple, easy steps (absolutely hassle-free way to get remote access to kid’s phone):

  • Click on the arrow button next to your child’s name.
  • Now, tap on “Kiosk Mode.”
  • You should be able to view all apps your kid uses (welcome to the unknown!)
  • Toggle the enable switch and initiate the launcher on your kid’s phone.
  • Once the launcher is activated on the child device, start unlocking the apps that you want to permit your kids to use. Simple?

How does kiosk mode help in disciplining my kid?

With the advent of app technology and the growing reliance on apps, you can imagine how kids will get involved in more and more apps for their ease and entertainment.

Honestly, learning a new skill or advance methods are great but what kids forget to remember are the fundamental techniques which are the base for every task.

So, this brings us to the main idea of using kiosk mode– introduce apps when they are needed and can be utilized, where when is determined by time and maturity of the kid.

According to our analysis and results kiosk mode has several advantages:

  1.    Complete access to the kid’s phone.
  2.    Limited apps ensure limited screen time automatically.
  3.    Controlled mobile phone activities increase engagement in other hobbies and interests.
  4.    Reduces the constant dependence on calculators, maps, search engines, etc., which inhibits the brain’s development.
  5.    Occupies the kid in educational and knowledgeable apps which eventually becomes a habit.

Is kiosk mode the best feature for controlling kids digitally?

There is no denying that kiosk mode is one of the most efficient functionalities to prohibit your kid from crossing paths with inappropriate and unhealthy apps, but parental controls as a package are crucial for kids’ right digital habits.

Your kid needs access to Panic buttons for physical safety, access to the Anti-Theft capability to track lost phone and many more functionalities for better digital protection.

For starters, all parents can initiate a kiosk mode launcher on the kids’ phone and set a controlled screen that the kid cannot breakdown easily.

Install the Bit Guardian parental control app for kiosk mode and see the improvement in your kids’ smartphone habits.

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