How Parental Control App Helps to know what your kid is live-streaming on their devices?

Do you Know what your Kid is Live-Streaming

Live video streaming is a trending activity, extremely popular amongst teenagers and adults.

Every occasion, occurring at this hour is being broadcasted by some spectator somewhere, even if the event is a mere ice-cream vendor preparing a new version of ice cream cone.

According to experts, video streaming is a dangerous channel for broadcasting inappropriate events like the aftermath of a bomb blast or incidents of domestic violence in the neighborhood.

Experts advice employing the best parental control software’s to reduce the impact of hazardous video streaming on kids.

Before we get into details, just a few questions for the parents to ponder upon –Have you heard about Periscope? Or Twitch? How do live streaming apps work? Are they dangerous for kids?

Why is Live Streaming exciting?

Children display an inexplicable madness for video streaming. Apparently, it creates a very appealing image.

Why is Live Streaming exciting_

These applications allow live demonstration of an event they are currently attending, and also keeping the stage open for friends and families to participate through comments and likes.

If you happen to read those comments carefully, observe there are more expressions of envy of missing out a great event instead of being happy and supportive for the person attending the event.

Isn’t this another reason for FOMO?

More and more kids, especially teenagers, love broadcasting their day to day events and indulge in entertaining conversations with the participants.

The growing interest in video streaming apps has gained fire in recent times because of readily available programs and platforms in the market like Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Live broadcasting has gained momentum due to the affordable and accessible WIFI networks and faster data speed.

Is live streaming apps dangerous?

Is live streaming apps dangerous_

There have been several high-profile cases of harmful acts being broadcasted by these apps.

Let’s take an example of a student being brutally thrashed by a group of bullies in school; the entire event is broadcasted and gains public awareness instantly.

This act only generates more excitement, anger, and hatred amongst students. In the end, it is a matter of school’s law and order which is now available for the entire world’s entertainment and questions, all thanks to “live video broadcasting apps”.

Video streaming is inappropriate on many occasions yet, out of sheer immaturity, kids end up broadcasting many illegal and unsuitable events only to enjoy momentary stardom.

Are Parental Control Apps effective in combating dangers of Live Streaming?

Young and amateur children, with approaching adolescence, often grow into aggressive and rebellious individuals.

In an attempt to escape reality, teenagers’ resort to social media and video streaming platforms for fun and expression.

Well, social networking is inevitably an essential part of a kid’s life. Parents cannot detach kids from social media, but they can set a time constraint to reduce uncontrollable addiction.

But before we talk about the solution, let us introduce you to the apps that support video streaming:

  • Facebook Live
  • Periscope
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Ustream
  • YouTube

If your parental control app enforces a lock on these apps, there is a good chance you can reduce your kid’s video broadcasting habit.

How to use Digital Parental Controls to Secure Teens?

Instead of stalking your teens and panicking about their social habits, be a smart parent!

Bit Guardian parental control

Download the Bit Guardian Parental Control app and combat the risk of live streaming.

We already introduced you to the applications that support broadcasting, now here are the different ways in which you can control kids’ broadcasting habit:

  1. Parental Control for Time Schedule– An effective way to control kids’ addiction to applications. Simply, set a schedule for apps that your kids frequently use, for example, Facebook Live. Allow the usage of the app only in the period you can supervise your kid. Even during concerts, try to avoid live video broadcasting, as this encourages them to use the app on other occasions as well.
  2. Parental Control for Kiosk Mode– Kiosk mode is an excellent option for disabling any unnecessary app, which should be distanced from kids. The phone launcher displays applications allowed by parents. In Kiosk Mode, the kid does not have the authority to download an app without the permission of the parent which means -NO video broadcasting apps.
  3. Parental Control for App Block– When you learn your kids enjoy- unauthorized apps, apps not eligible for their age or harmful for young brains, immediately block the apps. The App Block in Bit Guardian is a powerful tool to control kid’s addiction towards broadcasting platforms.
  4. Parental Control for App Install Block – Supervising your kid’s digital habits can be a task, so Bit Guardian Parental Control brings forward a method to disable the installation of any new app. Right from the beginning, when your child owns a phone, enable the App Install Block to grant permission to healthy apps and bid goodbye to unsuitable apps.

Are you Taking Action Against Live Streaming Habit of your Child?

Taking Action Against Live Streaming

No doubt, video broadcasting can be an interesting and entertaining activity. And,

if your business earns a considerable revenue through social media, then live broadcasting is a must for your business. But wait! Are kids ready for broadcasting apps? No, right!

Do not encourage your kids to participate in unnecessary video broadcasting or sharing of such videos.

These live streams are often violent and offensive events which have accidentally been captured by the audience.

To avoid such incidents, educate your children about the risky business of video streaming and enforce strict rules on usage of such platforms.

Secure teens by installing the best parental control software to combat the dangers of live video streaming today!


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