How to use parental Control app? – Bit Guardian Parental Control

The digital age has changed any prior definition of parental control. Children are in greater danger of being exposed to adult material, threats from strangers and cyber-crime.

It’s very difficult to find Which is the best Parental Control app for Android Phone?

Bit Guardian Parental Control App is trusted by parents all over the world.

It is the best parental control app for Android since it allows them to monitor a phone, limit usage, block Apps, etc. This article goes to describe what a parental control app is and how to use it.

What is a Parental Control App?

It provides a parent full control over a child’s devices to monitor their activity and usage. In a digital world, there are no shortage of threats. Common child issues are identity theft, exposure to objectionable content, unmonitored calls, messages, and unlimited usage.

A parental control app is a special application that allows a parent to restrict smartphone usage and ensures safety.

How does it work?

Bit Guardian App is easy to install and requires to establish a link between any parent and child device. A parent can control all features of a child’s device. Activation is necessary for all features like GPS, Panic Alert, Call & SMS logs, GPS, etc.   

There are many other features including the ability to block Apps, schedule usage time, etc.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App features and how to use them

The first step to being able to use this fully featured App is to install it. Install App on both devices, parent, and child. A new account requires you to enter all details correctly on parent device, and the same account is used to authenticate yourself on a child device. Linking more than one child device in this method is possible.

  • Block Apps:

Block explicit Apps you find installed on your child’s device. This helps keep them safe from any unwanted content and unobjectionable Apps.

to use this feature you need to access the dashboard option from Parent app. From the list of Apps displayed, choose which ones to disable. This is done tapping the toggle button near respective App listed.

  • GPS Tracker:

Primary purpose of a GPS tracker is to track location. Thus, this can also be used to find location of a mobile itself. Tracking a phone or your child is one of the advantages of a GPS tracker. Another benefit is being able to find a device in case it is lost or stolen.

Hence, to use this feature, you will need to select a child from the Parent Dashboard if more than one and then select ‘Location’ option.

  • Monitor calls and track messages:

This App allows you to view call and message log of child device and take appropriate action based on it. For example, it is possible to block a contact if necessary.

Select child from Parent Dashboard and access call logs or message logs for purpose of verification.

  • Block App installation:

Prevent a child from installing any Apps they please using this feature.

The way to do this is by accessing the Parent Dashboard to go to Setting section. Option for ‘App Install Block’ is a simple toggle to “on” position to activate this feature.

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  • Kiosk mode:

Kiosk mode allows to take complete control over a child’s device and remotely control the App Block feature.  

  • Panic mode:

A feature of ‘SOS button’ for kid’s device activates a panic alert on Parent’s device. There is also an option of sending a message to other contacts as per parent’s setting.

  • Schedule:

Schedule phone usage of your child by restricting time spent on each App and blocking apps from specific categories. Additionally, there are a few modes like bedtime, game-time, etc. While Bedtime mode means the phone is not usable during those hours, game-time mode means the child can only play mobile games during these hours.

A setting can be done from the Parent dashboard in the Setting section by going to ‘Time Schedule’ section. To set up game-time, toggle Games to “on” in this section. There are a few other details to set like Start-Time, End-Time and Repeat days before saving it.  

  • Geofence:

Geofence is an extension of GPS feature that allows a parent to enforce a virtual boundary via App and receive alerts if a child violates a boundary.

The way this works is by selecting GPS option in Setting section on the Parent Dashboard and toggle to activate. Configure this further by selecting ‘Center Location’ under Geofence and choosing a central location for your child. The last step is to set a Radius in meters to define zone your child is allowed to travel within.

If a child leaves this zone, App responds by sending an alert message to controlling Parent App.

  • Speed Limiter:

Notifications of speed at which the kid is traveling is a simple setting for Speed Limiter that needs to be activated.

Setting for speed limit is in ‘Speed Limit’ section under Geofence (and Settings in the Parent Dashboard).

  • Anti-theft:

In case a device is lost or stolen; the GPS tracker helps to find a device by locating it accurately. It is also possible to ring the child device.

The Location Tracker feature under the Anti-Theft section of the Settings on the Parent Dashboard helps find the devices using GPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send SOS in an emergency?

Yes, Panic Alert feature allows a kid to send an alert message to the parent and other contacts set in an App.

  • Can I block Apps on child device?

Yes, parents can block any objectionable App on child device.

  • How to find a child’s lost mobile?

A lost or stolen mobile is found using the ‘Location Tracker’ option form app itself.

  • How to use Geofence?

The parent device can receive alerts if the child goes beyond the physical boundary set in the App.

  • How do I view my kid’s location?

GPS Tool helps locate a child using the Location option in Settings of Parent Dashboard.

  • Can I block a child’s contact list?

Parental control Apps make it possible to block the contact list by giving an option to filter out any unknown contacts.

The best parental control app for Android

Bit Guardian app offers all parental control features one would desire. It provides an advanced level of protection to monitor smartphone usage of a child and keep tabs on their activity as well as location. It offers peace of mind to any parent knowing that their child is secure.

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